Oil-Milk Cleanser

Apply one pump of Skin Creamery Oil-Milk Facial Cleanser to the face, neck and eyes, using small, circular movements to lift impurities and make-up. Rinse with warm water and/or a soft wet cloth. For make-up removal apply to non-wet skin removing excess make-up with cotton wool then rinse with warm water and/or a soft wet cloth. Can be used twice daily.

Skin Tonic

To activate: shake bottle until water and oil phase are well-mixed. Pump the desired amount of Skin Tonic into the palm of your hand. The Skin Tonic is ideal to use after cleansing to help restore balance to the skin. It can be used on all areas of the skin in need of a little extra love and is ideal as a soothing, cooling after-sun treatment.


Wildflower Water-Cream

Shake bottle. As a facial serum, apply 1-2 pumps Wildflower Water-Cream under your moisturiser or use 1-2 pumps as a moisturiser after cleansing (for oily skins).


Facial Hydrating Oil

Mix 1-2 pump of Skin Creamery Facial Hydrating Oil with two drops of water. Rub between the palms and gently pat onto skin. Use as a daily burst of moisture after cleansing, or as a restorative treat. 


The Everyday Cream for Face & Body

Smooth a generous amount of Skin Creamery Everyday Cream into the skin to encourage absorption, while allowing the beautifully light fragrance to soothe and revitalise the senses. The Cream can be used on the face as well as the body.


Deep Cleansing Powder

Follows after cleansing. Pour a coin sized mound of Skin Creamery Cleansing Clay Powder into the palm of your hand. Add a few drops of water to activate, and mix into a luxurious paste. Apply to the skin, taking care to avoid the eye area.

Make your own hydrating face mask. Mix 1 tsp. Skin Creamery Deep Cleansing Clay Powder with Everyday Cream. Apply to the face and décolleté, avoiding the eye area. Rinse of with warm water and remove with a soft, wet cloth.

For a creamery exfoliator (suitable for more sensitive skins) mix Deep Cleansing Powder with Oil Milk Cleanser.