Q: Are your products endorsed with Beauty Without Cruelty?

A:Yes, all of our products are 100% vegan.

Q:Is your product suitable for sensitive skin?

A: Yes, our products do not contain any soaps, alcohols, synthetic fragrances and parabens  and our natural ingredients are soothing for sensitive skins.   

For more information look at our Skin Guidehttps://skincreamery.co.za/pages/my-skin


Q:Is your product suitable for oily, acne-prone skin?

A: Yes, oils are very helpful to balance oily skin. Often products targeted at oily skin contain soaps and alcohols that strip the skin of its natural oils. This causes an overproduction of oil and more sebum buildup. 

During breakouts our Facial Cleansing Powder can be used daily to help manage the problems areas. We recommend using the Skin Tonic as a moisturiser during these periods as it is lighter moisturising option.

For more information look at our Skin Guidehttps://skincreamery.co.za/pages/my-skin

Q:Is your product suitable for eczema?

A:Skin Creamery products, while not a cure, can greatly help to soothe the symptoms of eczema.  

Our ingredients have high anti-inflammatory properties, as well as vitamin C and other herbs and minerals which help build a healthy skin barrier. 

For more information look at our Skin Guidehttps://skincreamery.co.za/pages/my-skin

Q: Do you have a Travel Gift Set? 

A:We have discontinued our travel set and are in the process of creating a new one.

OurSkin Creamery Essentials Bag, is a roll up cosmetic bag with a 30ml Facial Hydrating Oil, and Travel size Everyday Cream + Oil-Milk Cleanser. The hemp Essential Bag is reusable and is part of our commitment to sustainable packaging.


Q: I have some cream left in my 200ml bottle, how do I get it all out? 

A:Place the 200ml bottle into some hot water to make the cream more liquid.

You can decant it onto a smaller container for easier usage or for a travelling size.

We released theEveryday Cream in a 100ml Jar for people who prefer not to use a pump.


Q :  How can I use the Facial Cleansing Powder?

A:The powder is fantastic for exfoliating and restoring your skin. You can use it as a scrub or a mask.

Scrub:Mix a paste with coin sized amount of powder and a few drops of water in your hand or ramekin, and massage into skin. The crushed macadamia shells in the powder work as a gentle exfoliant. Rinse off with warm water.

It can also be used in conjunction with the Oil-Milk Cleanser to make a gentle exfoliating scrub. 

Mask:Apply the paste, paying attention to any problem areas, for 5-10mins. This will help to draw out toxins.

You can also make a light hydrating mask in conjunction with the Everyday Cream. Mix small amounts of the powder and cream together and apply to face avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 5- 10 minutes and rinse off with warm water.

You can try all 5 products in our range when you purchase our Sample Set.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us: hello@skincreamery.co.za